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sports massage

Sports massage

Everything You Need to Know About Sports Massage The world of sports is highly competitive, and as athletes push themselves to the limit, they increasingly suffer aches, pains, strains and injuries. Anyone who’s been through a recognized massage therapy program, will be well positioned to begin a career in sports…
Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-Natal Massage

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-natal Massage Pregnancy can be a tough ride, especially with backaches and cramps. Many women complain heartily of aching heels, sore muscles, and continuous fluid retention. Pre-natal massage can be a one-stop solution for many pregnancy related issues such as stretch marks, pigmentation, anxiety,…
Post-Natal Massage

Post-natal massages

All you need to know about Post-natal massages Whether a woman is pregnant for the first time or an experienced mother, pregnancy can be stressful for women’s muscles and body. A woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes over the course of 42 weeks. It can also be confusing to most of…

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