Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping therapy is the careful placement of cups on specific points of the body to ease pain, stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxins as part of a treatment plan that helps relieve a diverse range of conditions:
• Muscle stiffness
• Blood circulation
• Trigger points
• Myofascial release
• Relaxation
We are a team of registered massage therapists that are trained to provide effective cupping therapy treatments as a natural complement to a complete health regimen. In addition to treating specific ailments, cupping therapy is used to promote overall well-being and achieve optimal physical and mental health.

How It Works

The use of cups on affected areas creates a localized pressure that act as a vacuum to draw blood to the surface and facilitate healing. Experienced therapists tailor treatments to achieve both therapeutic and stress relieving effects to harmonize the energy pathways of the body.
According to Eastern healing philosophy, cupping therapy induces the balanced flow of “Qi” energy through the body’s organs and tissues that triggers the natural release of harmful toxins. It is safe and effective. Cupping therapy is considered a mainstream form of medicine in China and practiced at most hospitals with great success. Reviews of several scientific studies has shown cupping therapy to be effective for a variety of conditions from acne to facial paralysis and especially effective when combined with acupuncture treatments.

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