Feeling tight and pain in the mid back

pain in the Mid-back

Are you Feeling tight and pain in the Mid-back?. What's the deal?

Mid-back pain is very common to most adolescents. Many researchers believe this is due to a dramatic change in the everyday lifestyle of adolescents, particularly their use of new technology.

Thoracic conditions that may respond well to osteopathic treatment include:
      1. tendinopathy
      2. spinal dysfunction
      3. rib dysfunction
      4. scoliosis
      5. Scheuermann’s disease
      6. dowager’s hump
      7. disc herniation

Osteopathic treatment can alleviate acute and chronic thoracic pain, stiffness and other symptoms and restore function by improving range of joint motion, reducing fibrosis and adhesions, remodeling tissue architecture, stimulating tissue regeneration, improving blood supply and normalizing nerve activity.

Long-term resolution can be achieved by identifying and managing underlying causative factors.

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