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Looking For An Osteopath In Dartmouth?

In your first osteopathy appointment, you will be asked questions about your current problem, past injuries, operations, general health, sports and hobbies, other medical care and medication you are receiving. Your Osteopath will look at body alignment, joints and tissues in detail. Therefore vests, leggings or shorts are good pieces to wear. We always have spare shorts at the clinic.

Benefits Of Osteopathy

Osteopaths’ look for and remove the underlying cause of the pain rather than focusing only on the symptoms. Osteopathic care can benefit you if you have muscle and joint pain or are searching to improve your posture and general health.


What Is An Osteopath? How To Find An Osteo in Dartmouth?

Our Osteopaths are hands-on; they are specialized to detect and treating a diverse range of health-related conditions. The treatment involves skilled manipulation and mobilization of the spine and joints. It also consists of a massage of the soft tissue. If you are injured and need to see an osteopath in London near Angel station, we are only 3 minutes away! More benefits of Osteopathy:

          • Encourages the joint’s range of motion
          • Reduces pain & stiffness in muscles and joints
          • Decreases tension & stress of joints and the body
          • Helps you to adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy

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