My adolescent get many headaches?

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Why does my adolescent get so many headaches?

Teenagers are most likely to suffer from tension headaches. Stress, tension, or despair are the most common causes. They can also be caused by improper posture, which causes eye strain and neck or back pain. A mild to severe aching or pressure in a “band” across the forehead is typical of tension headaches. Your teen may have this type of headache regularly.

Follow these strategies to help your adolescent avoid stress headaches:

o Relax. In a hectic schedule, find methods to work in your spare time. Family, friends, job, and school stress may all be managed.
o Consume a well-balanced diet. Headaches can be exacerbated by skipping meals and consuming a poor diet.
o Get plenty of rest. Disconnect from technology and go to bed at a reasonable hour every night.
o Stay away from alcohol and drugs. Headaches and a variety of other health issues can be caused by alcohol and drug usage.
o Your body should be exercised. Physical activity helps you sleep better and minimizes stress. When your work out, your body produces endorphins. These are the natural painkillers in your body.
o Exercising your eyes is a good thing to do. Headaches are caused by eye strain. It’s critical to give our eyes a break as we spend more time looking at displays. At least once every 20 minutes, take a break from your computer.
o Make use of heat or ice. Use a heating pad or an ice pack to soothe painful muscles (wrapped in a towel). A warm bath or shower may also be beneficial.
o Keep an eye on your posture. When walking or sitting, try to maintain your back and shoulders straight.

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