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How can you assist in reversing bone loss and lowering your risk of osteoporosis?

You cannot reverse bone loss on your own without medications, but there are many lifestyle modifications you can make to stop more bone loss from occurring.

You cannot reverse bone loss on your own without medications, but there are many lifestyle modifications you can make to stop more bone loss from occurring.

Diet: Eating a diet that is nutrient-rich and diverse is vital to keep your bones strong. Consuming these foods can give your bones a boost: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, certain proteins

Here are some of the vitamins and minerals you want to incorporate into your diet for bone health.

Calcium – It’s an essential mineral for bone health. Dairy products and many dark leafy greens are good sources of calcium. But too much calcium can also be problematic. Look at food labels to determine how much calcium is in each serving.

Vitamin D- It helps your body process calcium, among other health benefits. Fish with lots of fat, like tuna and salmon, contain this vitamin. Other foods like milk and orange juice may be fortified with it. You can get vitamin D by going out in the sun, but be mindful of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

There are also drinks and ingredients you should avoid or reduce consumption of to help your bone health.

Alcohol – Heavy drinking can promote bone loss. It’s a good idea to have no more than two or three drinks per day.
Caffeine- Beverages and foods containing caffeine can also affect the way your body processes calcium.

Soda- Certain soft drinks, specifically cola, may be associated with bone loss. More research is needed to understand precisely what causes this.


Engaging in regular exercise can help your bones stay strong in adulthood. There are additional benefits to exercise, like strengthening your muscles to help you stay coordinated and balanced.
These benefits can also help prevent falls or bumps into objects that might lead to broken bones with osteoporosis.

You should engage in several types of exercise regularly to help your bones:

Weight-bearing exercises include aerobic activities like walking, dancing, and tennis that fight against gravity during movement.
Resistance exercises are movements that use weights, bands, body weight, or other equipment to build strength.
Stretches- They are movements that can keep your body flexible and make it easier to move.

It would help if you avoid high impact exercises and may need to modify certain activities to prevent injury.

Eliminating unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits like these can worsen osteoporosis:
drinking too much alcohol
eating unhealthy foods

To maximize your nutrition and maintain a healthy weight

refrain from smoking
reduce or eliminate how much alcohol you drink each week
eat a healthy diet with limited sugars, salts, and processed foods


Your diet alone may not be enough to maintain an adequate level of bone-healthy vitamins and minerals.
Your doctor may recommend taking a multivitamin or a specific vitamins or minerals supplement to meet your daily requirements. It is essential to take the recommended amount.
Keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration does not approve or control supplements, so check in with your doctor before you start using them and purchase them from a reputable manufacturer.

How Medical Interventions Benefit Osteoporosis

It’s essential to stick to the recommended treatment plan for osteoporosis. The subtle symptoms of the condition might make it easy to dismiss, but delaying or neglecting treatment could lead to fractures and other issues, such as:

  • Loss of height
  • Poor posture
  • Physical discomfort

There are various medications for managing osteoporosis, allowing you and your doctor to choose the best option. For example, some medications may need to be taken daily.

We can help ease and relieve your symptoms with relaxing massage, osteopathy, hijama, infrared, and PEMF therapy

We are always happy to help!

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