Post-natal massages

Post-Natal Massage

All you need to know about Post-natal massages

Whether a woman is pregnant for the first time or an experienced mother, pregnancy can be stressful for women’s muscles and body. A woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes over the course of 42 weeks. It can also be confusing to most of the mothers who may not know what to expect of their body, more so when it is the first time being pregnant.

However, natural therapy such as post-natal massage can soothe discomfort caused during labour and helps in rejuvenating mother’s energy levels. A therapeutic post-natal massage eases postpartum stress and provides flexibility of muscles. In addition to this, massage helps in releasing Oxytocin, a hormone that boosts milk production. Also, a good body massage induces good sleep and improves blood circulation.

How soon can a new mother get a massage after delivery?

Massage therapy after delivery can be a wonderful experience for new mothers. New mothers can receive her much-needed postpartum massage therapy soon after delivery. However, most doctors suggest that you wait to get massages post a C- section until the cut is completely healed, which normally takes about 6-7 weeks. Read: Is it safe to get pedicures during pregnancy?

Will post-natal massages really help? How?

According to studies, massage therapy after delivery can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve new mothers health. Massage increases circulation and lymphatic drainage to facilitate elimination of excess fluids and waste products, boosts milk production, improves skin firmness, keeps the skin hydrated, soft, and supple.

Post-natal massage helps ease backaches, stress, fatigue, headaches and postpartum depression. In line with relaxation and reduced stress, a postnatal massage eases exhaustion and assists you towards getting much-needed deeper sleep. Read: 8 ways to counter hair fall postpartum.

How often should I get a postpartum massage?

Post- natal massages help in reconnecting with mind and body. It creates a balance between a woman’s emotional and physical needs. Generally, oil massage is recommended daily for up to one-month post-delivery. For most new mothers, the regimen would also be recommended as 6 sessions within the first six months after delivery. Here are five things that happen to you after delivery that no one talks about.

What measures should be taken for a post-natal massage?

Choosing the right massage oil and using the right massaging technique is an essential criteria for a post-natal massage.

Various oils come with their own set of benefits, and choosing the right one for an effective massage is essential. Herbal ingredients such as Sesame oil, winter cherry, Aloe vera and country mallow have synergistic effects and can help in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Choosing right massage therapy also plays an important role before performing the massage. The energy aspect of the physical body affects the overall health of the body.

How long should a postnatal massage last?

It recommended that each post-natal massage should range from 30-45 minutes. The therapeutic effects promote faster recuperation and more enjoyable days of motherhood.

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