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Massage Therapy

Manual Osteopathy

(1st Visit) Massage Therapy 1hr

Regular Massage Therapy 1 hr session

Regular Massage Therapy 90 min session

Cupping Massage Therapy 1 hr session

54.99 + Tax

69.99 + Tax

109.99 + Tax

79.99 + Tax

Manual Osteopathy (1st Visit+ Consultant)

Regular Manual Osteopathy 30 min session

Regular maul Osteopathy 1 hr session

Manual Osteopathy 30 min + Massage Therapy 30 min

Laser Therapy 

Laser Therapy 15 min

99.99/hr + Tax

69.99 + Tax

109.99 +Tax

119.99 + Tax

34.99 + Tax

Traction/Decompression Therapy

Hijama Therapy

Decompression Therapy 30 min

49.99 + Tax

Hijama Therapy 30 to 45 min


Located in Dartmouth serving Cole Harbour and surrounding areas.

CALL US AT (902) 462-7600

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