Thirteen common disorders you must know

Thirteen common disorders you must know
Thirteen common disorders you must know

What is causing you headache? | Know about the thirteen common disorders!

There are as many known causes of a headache as there are hairs on the head. There is a great deal of overlap with many of these disorders, meaning it can be very difficult to distinguish one from the other. Furthermore, there are no known diagnostic tests that can definitively determine which type of primary or secondary headache disorder you are suffering from. However, by working with a medical professional to discuss your family and personal medical history, specifically your experience with headaches to date, you can arrive at a likely cause for your recurrent headaches.

We have compiled a list of some of the most common primary and secondary headache disorders here to help you understand what differentiates each of these conditions from one another.

Cluster Headaches | Classic Migraine | Common Migraine | Tension Headache | Exertional Headache | Sinus Headache | Aneurysm | Tumor | Hypertension Headache | External Compression Headache | Brain Freeze | Medication Overuse Headache | Spinal Headache

Ask us today how our Doctor of Manual Osteopathy can help you with these thirteen common disorders.

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