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HolisticHealing4Life has been a trusted source of personalized and alternative therapy for many years. Focusing on the source of pain and the surrounding areas to ensure long-term effectivity for you is our main goal. Our team of professionally trained practitioners offer practical knowledge and helpful recommendations to improve your wellbeing. We are committed to providing high quality service and care.

We are with you every step of the way to enjoy life again!

Who We Are

Md Shahbaz Bin Malek (Doctor of Osteopathy)
Shahbaz graduated with a Doctor of Osteopathy from the National University of Medical Science (SPAIN). His therapeutic approach is very successful when dealing with chronic pain. He uses a variety of techniques when treating clients such as soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques and fascial stretch therapy. Shahbaz has achieved Registered Massage Therapy diploma degree from Eastern College (HFX) along with Certified Cupping Therapy from UK. He also has B.Sc. CS degree from Saint Mary’s University (HFX). I have a love towards the human body and how it works. I am passionate on making sure my patients feel better and live their lives without the pain they suffer from. Using holistic alternative therapy, I am confident to enrich the lives of those who believe their agony is permanent. It is a joy to watch clients live their lives to the fullest again. I opened this clinic to introduce holistic therapy to educate and positively impact those who are struggling. Shahbaz looks for the cause of the pain instead of chasing symptoms.


Our clinic welcomes clients of all ages. We adjust the therapeutic treatments according to your specific conditions, physical limitations and personal needs. HolisticHealing4Life is a safe, non-invasive and relaxing environment that adheres to the health and safety standards of Nova Scotia.

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