We are the best massage clinic in town that offers you therapeutic treatments that match your wellness needs. With a location near you, we have the ability to target your suffering in ways that ensure long-term relief. A personalized consultation will begin the journey of feeling like yourself again. Using restorative therapy, we are confident you will discover further healing solutions for issues such as:

→ Stress and tension
→ Acute and chronic pain
→ Headaches and migraines
→ Anxiety and depression
→ Recovery time for injuries
→ Overall general health

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    The massage therapy I had for my injured hamstring and shoulder really helped and got me back to football really quickly. Now other lads in the team come to see you too. Recommended.
    Barry W.
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    As a keen rider the wrong side of retirement age injuries both old and new can make life very troublesome – so thank goodness for all to Shahbaz who can always put me back in working order again!
    Mrs. O.G.V.
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    I came to Holistic to fix my lower back pain. The treatment has really helped me and Sue has given me advice and shown me exercises to help improve my posture and the general condition of my back in the future. Highly recommended.
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    As someone who is on my feet a lot throughout the working day, backache and neck pain often seems to be part and parcel of my job. Holistic Healing 4 Life uses a fantastic combination of massage, acupuncture & osteopathic techniques to help relieve my aches and pains. I always move much more easily after a treatment session with Holistic!
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    Would highly recommend Holistic Healing 4 Life. Shahbaz is an amazing professional and he was extremely knowledgeable. he always makes sure that you are comfortable with treatment. Thank you so much.
    Tag Najjar
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    I have never had such an amazing experience with any massage therapist like I did here, I feel like I am floating on a cloud, my upper back was in so much pain and I had hand cramps in my hands and pinched nerves in my shoulder. In one hour he was able to take away so much tension! I literally cried happy tears when I got in the car to go home. You will not regret booking here, highly recommend.
    Carly Barrett

Insurance Billing

HolisticHealing4Life offers insurance direct billing to most major insurance companies! Did you know that your health benefits plan may cover up to 80% or more of your therapeutic massage, cupping massage and osteopath treatment? Ask us how direct billing works.

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