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Dry Cupping

A gentle suction of the cup is applied so that the cup glides over the body. Different sized cups are used as we take into account the contours of your body. Primarily, the focus for moving cupping would be on the back, however, our full body moving cupping will include coverage of your arms and legs too. Moving cupping is used as a precursor to fixed cupping to help stimulate blood flow around the body and to activate the lymph system.


Cupping Massage: What To Expect

Cupping has been used all over the world to treat health conditions for thousands of years. It’s making a comeback here in the States, thanks to prominent athletes and health-conscious celebrities. You may have seen people with red circular marks (not bruises!) from cupping on their shoulders and backs. A lot of people have questions about the benefits of cupping and wonder what it’s like.

Cupping massage

What does cupping feel like? Does it hurt?

The suction will feel tight at first (not painful) while it draws your skin up into the cup. That sensation passes quickly as your therapist moves on to place the next cup. After placing each cup on your back, shoulder, abdomen, etc, your therapist will repeat the suction process. They’ll always check to make sure you’re still comfortable.

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