Cupping for knee pain


Cupping Therapy for Knee Pain Relief

There is a long history of knee pain sufferers finding relief thanks to cupping therapy. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of knee osteoarthritis management with cupping therapy. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research found that knee cupping therapy was just as effective at relieving symptoms as 650 mg of TYLENOL taken three times daily. Considering some of the dangerous side effects associated with TYLENOL and other over the counter and prescription medications, many patients are turning to knee cupping therapy to manage pain and the other symptoms of osteoarthritis and knee conditions.

Just because you’ve suffered a knee injury or are experiencing intermittent, acute or chronic knee pain doesn’t necessarily mean the only solution are pharmaceuticals, invasive surgery or long, arduous physical therapy regimes. Some of those traditional treatments may be part of a comprehensive solution, but cupping treatment methods may also prove to be highly effective for treating knee problems.

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